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Skunk in a Trap

STOP-DO NOT TRAP AND RELOCATE THE ANIMAL- Click here to find out why

Q: I already have a skunk in a trap, what can I do?

A: Walk slowly toward the trap with a large old towel in front of you (do not use anything like a plastic tarp that might make a sudden noise and startle the skunk), let the skunk know of your presence, however, by talking in a low reassuring voice. Slowly lower the towel over the entire trap. You must bring along some soft wire or heavy twine to secure the trap open. Choose the side farthest away from the skunk. Once the trap is secured open, lift the towel off the open end and leave the area. It might take the skunk awhile to feel secure enough to amble off. Never attempt to lift or move a trap with a skunk in it as you will likely get sprayed. Take this as a lesson learned, get rid of your trap, as experience shows you are more likely to catch a skunk than any other species, and you don't want to go through this again.

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